Urgent Wilds/Goddess Guarding and Killing

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Urgent Wilds/Goddess Guarding and Killing

Post by Morrigan on Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:42 pm

This is just how I do Urgents and I do it this way to maximize Exp and mainly so I don't get bored and stop paying attention.  Rolling Eyes  Sleep

When I go into the wilds and an Urgent task is already underway, I ignore it and go on auto to kill monsters for experience until the Goddess task comes up. Otherwise, you are likely to not finish it in time to get gems. Ask for the Goddess order on the Nearby Chat tab.  

When the Goddess mission comes up, Don't click on it right away. It takes you away from where the Goddesses actually spawn If nobody answers in Nearby, I assume it is Guard then I follow the Goddesses on Auto to make sure nobody is attacking them.

The Wilds are divided into 5 sections (4 safe zones and PvP at the center).  The Kill zone and Guard zone change and are represented by Crossed Red Swords and a Light Blue Shield respectively.  Idea The Goddesses always spawn to the zone to the left (counterclockwise) of the Kill zone.  I wait close to there on auto until the timer counts down to maximize my experience points.

The Goddesses travel across 2 zones so when I am on Guard and so is everyone else, I stay on Auto until the Goddesses are almost through with their travel pattern, then click on Guard.

You can't kill monsters once you have chosen to Guard or Kill so I wait til the last minute unless someone shows up and starts trying to kill them.  If this happens, I will go to Guard or Kill depending on when they started trying to kill the Goddesses.  If it's right out of the gate, I will kill with them since I just started anyway.  If the Goddesses have been traveling for a minute, the person killing isn't going to be able to kill them all anyway so I kill them by going on Guard. The person on Kill is always at a disadvantage to the person on Guard because while killing you don't automatically target other players, only the Goddesses.

The goal here is to keep all 5 of the Goddesses alive and therefore, maximize your returns.

Once the Goddesses are finished in their safety zone, you start your Urgent mission staying on auto.  Once I am in the safe zone where the Urgent task is to be completed, I detour and kill monsters until the countdown clock is at 10 seconds then head over to the center for the task to start. When the task is complete, tap on the box to get gems. cheers

Killing the Goddesses is started the same as Guarding.  Head over to the zone to the left of the kill zone without clicking on the Goddess task.  Kill monsters on auto until the Goddess task starts and be there when they come out clicking on the Kill task then. Click it again while on auto and you will automatically kill the Goddesses just make sure you don't accidentally go into the safe zone.

Questions? Comments? Something I forgot?  Please Reply


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