Protection Conversation between RingGolda and Endgame

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Protection Conversation between RingGolda and Endgame

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:07 pm

EG:  Could delete hp I guess cause Hela have no hp anyways

RG:  Ahh I try to do 2 only messed up early in game

EG:  I thought is better to be balanced

RG:  Nope

RG:  Balance cripples you

EG:  The whole exo endo thing is confusing cause doesn't show on total stats

EG:  Why does balance cripple? explain

RG:  It does show on your ojnthe basic tab

EG:  Yes but it doesn't total on character stats

RG:  Yah cuse ur heros aren't part of your character

EG:  To me if endo and exo adds to total stats they should total in character stats

EG:  They are part of character while they are alive though right?

RG:  only there dmg

EG:  what about -dmg and attack and deadly etc.?

RG:  anything offense counts... defense they need their own won't stack with char stats

EG:  so defense stat only count to the exo/endo not as a total

RG: Yah

EG:  I waste months building defense protection for nothing.

RG:  Defense good on Exo

RG:  Not Endo... has too little hp

EG:  Should be good on exo and endo as they both have to die before char damaged

EG:  I always thought protection compounded with character stats

RG:  No that would be op

RG:  Also, pwr isn't everything  stats are

EG:  Most protection stats are a waste

RG:  No they make my Hela op

EG:  I should delete endo hp and add attack

RG:  Not really but you need more attack.  It's bloods main stat attack and deadly

I got lazy here with one more point... at level 10 you can reset protection.


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