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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Morrigan on Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:42 pm

Paraphrased from Wizards words. Original Topic Here

What gems should I embed in my gear?

Purple Toughness on each gear – The higher the value the easier to Crit/Parry/Dodge – balance out the rest

If I’m doing a balanced hero build which slot do I put Minerva, Yuna, and Gabrielle?

Minerva is Deploy, Yuna is Endo and Gabriel is Exo for the ability to absorb damage before doing your special skills. Although for warriors it seems that Minerva as exo works better than Gabriel. They use Gabriel as deploy, Yuna as endo and Minerva as exo.

Which hero do I level up first?

Prioritize Exo and Endo and just do Deploy last but make sure to level them as close as possible to your character. Use merits to buy EXP fruit and Dragon Tooth for Breakthough – this is the secret to increase your power

Which hero do I enchant first?

Focus on both Endo and Exo

What is the priority list for leveling treasures (ie, core > sacred magic > sacred relic)?

Level ALL of these treasure to at least 30 and make sure to secure the gold fates in dungeons

As vip0, what’s the best way to level up?

Do all events, all lava from 9 am to 2 am and fight in arena to get extra gems

What are the best use(s) for stamina?

For Plunder, to create your fate fragments and to fight in the Arena

What is the priority list for training heroes and how should we train them?

Focus on Endo and Exo and balance out the whistle stats for both but don’t forget Deploy

Which hero should I choose?

Bloodlines prefer Hela and Odin

Warrior and Balanced Characters prefer Odin, Hela and Bahamut

Summoners usually like Hela, Bellandry and Bahamut.

Top summoner chose Odin instead of Bahamut to compensate for the fact that summoners get easily killed in PVP battles by Bloodlines and Warriors. A 900k summoner can be killed by an 800k Bloodline very easily while a 700k Warrior can easily kill an 800k Bloodline. This has been the general observations made by SEA server members.

What is the purpose of ALTs

To farm merits and to get red tyrannical ring in lava. They also usually get opposite gears if they are a different type hero, so you can exchange them by merits if you are in the same alliance or by trader – 2 rg if you are dealing with r2 level ones already.

Do I lose my Tech when I leave my Alliance?

Yes, but it will be given back to you once you join another alliance.

Do I get extra power when I get promoted as a Follower, Vice Chief or Chief?

Yes, being an officer of your alliance gives you extra power depending on your rank. As a follower, you can only accept members. As a Vice Chief, you can kick out members as well as send a ‘Secret Order’ to send one message to all. As a Chief, you get all of this plus the ability to control your Alliance name, flag, and page message.

Who do I email to request help if I lose my password?

How do I unlock Battle Assist Knights?

You need to upgrade (not enchant) your g11 heroes to unlock knight battle assist. For example: Odin+1 and hela+1 =g11 heroes +2 and will unlock wise knight battle assist. In order to get all four battle assists you need to get 12 upgrades on any of g11 heroes. (Ex. Hela +4 Odin +5 Baha+3 = g11 heroes +12). Remember maximum upgrade for s11 is +5 each.

What do I need to Enchant my Heroes to increase their star levels?

Mirage Crystals + Number of Heroes = Lvl 50 to 60 – 2k and 2 heroes | Lvl 60 to 70 – 3k and 3 heroes | Lvl 70 to 80 – 4K and 4 heroes | Lvl 80 to 90 – 5k and 5 heroes | Lvl 90 to 100 – 6k and 6 heroes.  Enchanting heroes also increases your PvP.

How to increase PVP power?

  1. Complete Stages and Tap on Zodiac
  2. Enchanting activates Hero talents
  3. Strengthen, purify and refine
  4. Level-up Magic Ring (How? Do daily lava lord 9 am to 2 am every hour for ring upgrade materials – limit to 12 chests per day)
  5. Level up wedding rings
  6. Level up Summer Dragon
  7. Set of 4 Rage Runes

What dragon do I get?

Get all 4 of them and start with the summer dragon for pvp. Once you get all 4, level up the summer dragon. Or just focus on the summer dragon if you want a slight edge in pvp battles.

How do i use Incubation?

You need to do VS. battles against Monsters in the Underground Caves for Common and High Level Incubators.  These are timed battles and get progressively harder but make sure you do at least one a day.  This way, win or lose, you will get a red exclamation point on the challenge and have a purple treasure chest in the lower left hand corner to click on and collect your prize. The incubators you receive here are used under the Social tab to create the spirit you prefer. You need level 10 or above heroes. You must have friends doing the same so you can complete the incubation process. Get married to open the other slot and pay 1k gems for the other so you have 3. In the handbook, left side down you can assign the spirit you want to follow you in the city – it can only be one you have already created. (I intend to go into more detail on this, I will link to it here when I do)

I will continue later...

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