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Alliance Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:33 pm

Alliance Rules

We are all here to have fun but as an alliance, we need to think about each other. Sometimes it’s not always clear what that means so we have started compiling a list of rules that everyone in the Alliance must follow in order for the game to be fun for everyone.

  1. Respect each other. No drama.  No talking bad about other members of the alliance. Remember, there is no sarcasm font. Simply put, we are all friends here and should act as such.

  2. Do not plunder or occupy our alliance members mines. Do not plunder our alliance members treasures. If you accidentally plunder someone, please PM that person immediately and explain it as such. Exception is Master & Slave dungeon It’s ok to whip them in Master&Slave dungeon however, because the treasures are not actually taken from them.

  3. Before putting something in trader, make sure that nobody needs it in the alliance. If in doubt, put it in the warehouse.  Members that lack a piece of gear, i.e. red 2 gauntlets, should get them before someone who is just looking to refine a preexisting pair.  Any gear you get from frags on stages or via boss lair for yourself is exempt from this, obviously.  Any gear drops you get outside of your class are not. Taking something out of the warehouse from someone else and then selling it on trader for profit will never be tolerated. We understand the need for gems but our alliance is more important. If you don’t feel that way, maybe you don’t belong here.

  4. War is super important and we need everyone to show no matter how weak you may think you are.  Every Wednesday and Saturday at 22:00 server time. If you can’t make it, let the Chief or Vice Chiefs know that you won’t be there.  If you miss too many wars, you will be kicked from the alliance.

  5. Be in our dragon mine when rule is calculated daily.  That's a group effort. We need people in our mine at all times if we want to hold it.

  6. 3 days of inactivity without prior notification will result in a kick.  This is handled case by case and the period of time may be extended if the person in question is usually an active member.

This is a work in progress and will be changed through your help and suggestions.  Please check back often and feel free to comment.


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